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An Introduction
At Smart Medical Alliance would like to introduce ourselves as the leading Independent Management Services Organization. As a visionary leader in the industry, SMA specializes in guiding health care providers to develop strategies to improve workflows in different sections, identifying current and future information needs.
Our goal at Smart Medical Alliance is to meet legal, professional, ethical and administrative records-keeping requirements of health care delivery. One of the core tenants of our highly professional work is based on clinical, demographic, financial healthcare data, a value-added benefit which has been said to "play a critical role" in the delivery of healthcare in the United States.
In addition, SMA applies the science of informatics to the collection, storage, analysis, use, and transmission of information across all aspect of the healthcare delivery system.
Preventive Care
At SMA we believe in building relationships with our clients. Understanding our clients’ needs and long term goals is essential to developing a successful partnership. We would like to propose the incorporation of new services for each provider group.
As a progressive organization, SMA understands that one pricing solution doesn't fit all, and as such, SMA will work with your company to provide to the most aggressive pricing possible to match the specific needs of the company.
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We specialize in guiding providers to develop strategies to improve workflows in different sections identifying current and future information need.

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